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Top Warning Signs of Mistreatment in Nursing Homes
It can be so frightening to know that your family members are being treated badly in the nursing home they are living in. A nursing home should be the best place where your loved one receive total care, love and be able to live well but it’s bad that they may be undergoing lots of abuse, mistreatment and neglect. These people may endure the mistreatment because they are afraid to speak up and they can’t defend themselves. Given that this mistreatment won’t stop, your loved ones will be in poor conditions always. This abuse isn’t something you should just ignore, as it can lead to worse things. There are so many cases of abuse in nursing homes today and you should take actions when you see any signs. There are several types of abuse in nursing homes, including confinement, physical, healthcare fraud, emotional abuse, and abandonment and neglect. Check the following signs of abuse in nursing homes that raises red flags to you.
Physical and emotional changes are often the major signs that are noticeable. You should check how your loved ones are, how they look and act. Should you find that your loved ones don’t participate in the things the use to like more, becoming unusually less social, it’s time you pay more attention. If they are agitated, fearful, frustrated, moody, have less appetite and have lost weight, they are probably facing emotional abuse. You may also find out that they have noticeable skin tears and bruises that will tell you they might be going through nursing home neglect or physical abuse.
Loved ones who are neglected in the nursing home will be dehydrated. It’s possible that they are being mistreated through food and drinks denial and thus they will present with malnourished and dehydration. Also, if the nursing home has inadequate staff, then those staying there aren’t taken care of well enough. It’s necessary that you observe whether the place is chaotic and even how the staff carry out their work. Check whether the staff mingle with the residence and even things that will show you their attitudes towards the residents. How the information flows through the various points in the nursing home also matters to you. Check how the facility is running and get to know if there are problems anywhere.
Cases of avoiding or deflecting questions is a red flag and you should know that there are ore to check. They should have nothing to hide and be free to discuss the care of your loved ones with you. Should it happen that the staff don’t want to answer your questions and try to avoid you, you should know that there are problems. If your loved ones tell you of how much the hate a staff member, you should worry more about abuse. Get to know more on this topic and help your people.